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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello Summer!

This year we don't have any solid set in stone plans. Except for races I'm signed up for, scout camps and my grandpas 80th birthday celebration. 
I'm trying to be structured and plan things out as we all do better around here if we have those things. Mondays are make it Monday so we try to make something. Tuesday is travel day so we go somewhere (usually grandmas to swim), Wednesday is water day, Thursday is thinking Thursday and Friday is friend day. It's been fun to try to think of things that fit with those. 

William turns ELEVEN on Tuesday. So I'll be posting again about him, he is such a GOOD kid!! He asked for a bow and a quiver of arrows. We got him a bow and some arrows. This week I'm going to be hitting Pinterest and DIY you tube videos to see if I can find directions on how to make your own quiver and William and I will make it so it's more custom to his personality. We're also going to print out some targets. 
William still hasn't found his niche. None of my boys have. We haven't tried anything with AJ but I'm hopeful he'll be our more athletic one. 
I'm tutoring 3 kids this summer and while it's going well I don't make time to work with my children on school stuff. I will try to get better with that!!! 
One of the girls that I'm tutoring was in my class 2 years ago and we built a really good relationship and at our first session she asked me how my summer was going and then asked why I had dyed my hair grey only on the sides. So I went blond. Still getting used to it and still undecided if I like it. 
At the Color Me Rad 5k yesterday. It was so fun!
At the demolition derby AJ just wanted to lay on the bleachers. It was still lots of fun! 
Swimming at grandmas!
At the Railroad Museum!
Kids bowl free program is fun to do with friends so that the moms can chat!! 

Looking forward to more adventures this summer!! 

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Grandma Princess said...

Happy Summer..let your adventures rock! It sounds like you are off to a good start.

Keep posting your activities so that when school starts in the fall- you can look back and enjoy the many memories you enjoyed together!