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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

8 years ago.....

8 years ago I became a mama for the 2nd time around.  Matthew Allen came into the world at 10:12 Sunday morning, weighing in at 5 lbs 9 oz, and 18 inches long.  He is named after my brother-in-law Matthew, and my dad's middle name was Allen. Two great and amazing men. It was a hard pregnancy, I had high blood pressure, and diabetes. I was put on bed-rest 7.5 weeks before Matty was born. William was almost three at the time, if it hadn't been for my family, mostly my sister-in-law Audrey, and my church family we wouldn't have made it through those trying weeks of bed-rest!!He was 4 weeks early, because my blood pressure was still on the rise. I was a nervous wreck, I just KNEW something was wrong with him and as they were prepping me for the c-section my heart rate was hanging out between 180-195, the nurses and my doctor kept telling me I needed to calm down or I would have a heart attack, but I had to hear him cry before I could calm down. It felt like they were moving me all over the table to get him out, and my doctor had to use surgical scissors to cut through the scar tissue from my c-section with Will, I will never forget that sound! I don't think Andy will either.  Once they got him out Andy brought him to me all bundled up and he was beautiful, I kissed him on the head and Andy took him to be checked.  About two or so hours later the pediatrician came in to discuss our options, they had put a breathing tent on him, but it wasn't helping as, he had to be transported to a hospital that had a NICU, as the one that we were in didn't have one. 
The ambulance came and they prepped Matthew for transport, I still had not held him or gotten a good look at him.  He was brought into my room so I could see him, I had just had surgery, I could not sit up, and so I didn't even get to sit up well enough to really see him. William was sitting on my bed and when they brought Matty in he looked at him and said he wanted to hold him. Everyone in my room was crying and this just brought on more tears, they rolled him out in the isolette, William started to cry and said "Don't take our baby!" I had to explain to him that brother was sick, and they had to take him to another hospital where they would take care of him.  Andy followed the ambulance to LDS Hospital and I had to stay, because of the c-section.

Our brother-in-law met Andy at LDS and they gave Matthew a blessing, I'm so thankful that we have so many family members around to help and support us!! Andy stayed with Matthew and my grandma came and spent the night with me. Because of the diabetes I couldn't eat carbs, I recall ordering a pizza and I'm 99% sure my grandma had one slice and I polished off the rest. When you have a c-section you aren't supposed to leave for 2-3 days, Monday my doctor came and gave me a pass to go see Matty. He was on a respirator and had tubes and wires coming out of him. It was shocking. I just sat and held his toe and cried. I was released from the hospital early Tuesday morning. When Matthew was born he had really fine copper red hair. No one on either side of the family has red hair. His middle name is Allen after my deceased father Brent Allen, who had red hair (he adopted me when I was 13). Every time I was with Matthew in the NICU I felt my dads presence, and I knew that he would be okay because his grandpa was there with him. 

I finally got to hold him when he was a week old. Lots of emotions, ups and downs,  and 3 weeks later we brought Matthew home.  One thing about babies that spend time in the NICU is that they come home on a schedule, he was sleeping 6 hours at night when he was about 8 weeks, it was bliss.  Once home he grew quickly.  And I couldn't imagine my life without my Matty!! He is SO sweet and still cuddles with me every now and then.  Here are 8 things I adore about Matthew:

1. His contagious laugh
2. His silky blond hair that never stays put, he always has hair sticking up somewhere, no matter what I do!!
3. The fact that he will jump out of pants and into "comfy shorts", the second we walk in the door from anywhere.
4. His ginormous heart and love that he has for everyone.
5. He has the BEST imagination and can keep himself busy with a box of legos or a light saber for hours.
6. How much he idolizes his big brother, he can't wait to be big like Will!!
7. How patient he can be with his little brother.

8. Every recess he comes and finds me and gives me a hug and asks me, "what are we doing today?'

I am SO PROUD to be his mom, he is such a good kid and has come so far in school. I can't believe what a little smarty pants he is! 
I love you Matty!! I wish I could put you in a bubble and keep you just the way you are forever!


Ami said...

I have a Matthew, too. :)

Your little guy was so adorable, even when teeny with health issues.

He's very handsome and grown up now. Time goes so fast, doesn't it?

Happy Birthday to your Matthew!!

Brittany said...

He's also a super stud with the ladies! Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Jess said...

Holy crap that kid has always been adorable. I think part of what make him so cute is his big heart and sweet personality. I just love him!

Danielle said...

That picture of you holding him??? You're so beautiful! Wowza!