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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My oldest is amazing!

William turned 11 on the 24th!!!  He's getting taller and taller, and smarter and smarter! He got on the high honor roll and got the highest score possible on his writing assesment at the end of the year, he just makes me SO happy!! He is such an amazingly sweet kid!! I'm so proud to be his mama!!! Eleven things I LOVE about William....
1. He looks exactly like his dad. 
2. His heart is on his sleeve. 
3. He helps his brothers without too much complaining. 
4. He loves to watch Harry Potter with me. 
5. He likes to help and teach those around him. 
6. Cuddle time still happens!!
7. The way he talks about things he loves. Namely Minecraft and experiences he had at scout camp. 
8. Willing to play with almost any kids whenever we go places. 
9. Instead of freaking out about changing schools in 4th grade he stepped up to the plate and ROCKED it!!!!
10. The imaginative play that he seems to of passed on to his brothers. 
11. He loves so deeply and sweetly. 

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