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Monday, December 31, 2012

It was still Merry.....

Christmas was still Merry and fun even though I was sick. We have so many family members who love us and I always feel so blessed.

Our fat little Christmas tree!! 

Matthew wanted to get mommy some Christmas flowers.  Yes Andy goes shopping every Christmas Eve and took the boys with him this year.

AJ fell asleep around 7, here are the boys with Santa's cookies! Doesn't William look thrilled...?

Because he had such a sour expression we took these and made him laugh.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Chester, he doesn't do naughty things at our house, some people have their elves do naughty things, I don't like to encourage naughtiness.....

I surprised him!!!! I wrapped his gift card to do the Mustang experience at Miller Motorsports Park in an iPad box, he'll get to learn how to drive a race car!! 

AJ got this pillow racer from Auntie Suzette!! He loves it!

Christmas traditions, watching A Christmas Story, going to grandma Sylvia's and playing the cottonball game, having breakfast and opening presents at grandma Sylvia's and grandpa Hal's.

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Grandma Princess said...

Your fat tree is Cute!

Happy New Year!