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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hacking up boogers

It's quarter to 3 in the morning and I can't sleep because as the title says, I'm hacking up boogers. It's fun.  I found out yesterday that I have a nasty sinus infection and have to take giant horse pills.  My drainage is all going down my throat, making me very uncomfortable and unable to talk!! TMI, sorry.

I thought this might be the year that we break the news to William that Santa isn't real, but we haven't really had time to do the whole Christmas thing. We put our tree up, we actually got a live one this year, and I LOVE it! Andy got the stockings hung yesterday, and we have our stupid elf on the shelf, other than that, no other Christmas decorations to be found at our house. Kind of depressing.  But this is what life looks like when I am a working mommy. I haven't had time or the funds to go get our Christmas ornaments, I'm thinking of doing this after Christmas, the kids won't know and they will be on sale!  I need a new Nativity, ours is missing a few pieces and really it's just ugly.  We haven't made it to temple square to see the lights which is usually the highlight of Christmastime for me. Maybe tomorrow we can drive around and look at lights as being in the cold probably isn't a wise choice for me.
I am SO excited to give Andy his present this year, I hope he doesn't know and is truly surprised!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the few who still read my poor blog.......


Ami said...

William will eventually come to you and ask... doesn't hurt to let him believe as long as he wants to.

I sure hope you feel better. There isn't a good time to be sick, but during the holidays really sucks.

Sweetie, if you came to my house right now, you'd have no idea what time of year it is, we don't even have a tree up.

Lyssa suggested we just go low key and not bother will all the trappings this year, and I was tired and not feeling well when she did... so I said fine.

Now I regret it. Next year I will start decorating on December 1st.

Stay tuned for me to order one of your lockets in the new year. Once those dirty a-holes send me my settlement money.


The Circus said...

All we had was a tree and stockings and I actually loved it. I may just do it that way from now on. Sometimes simplicity is ok and good.
I'm sorry you're sick :(

Alice said...

Nolan asked last year, I said what do you think? He said that he didn't think he was real. I didn't want to try to put up the charade he knows. Afton was questioning a little this year but never came right out to ask. They'll figure it out on their own. :) hope you guys had a great Christmas!