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Friday, December 7, 2012

Pretty Protector

I am SO blessed. I get to be with an amazing teacher all day, and some of the cutest kids around!! Today at recess one of the girls in my class was shivering and I said hey its not that cold out here. She replied, but Mrs. E you are so pretty that you have a pretty protector that keeps you from getting cold.  This is the same girl that has written me a few "love notes" including one for my birthday and she also left a note on my van at Walmart the other night, because my name is on the side because of Origami Owl. It was adorable!!
A little boy told me that my boys were "super lucky" to have me as a mom.  Blessed I tell ya.
I've also been invited to birthday parties and baptisms, but I have yet to be invited for Sunday dinner like I used to do when I was in first grade to Miss Kirk and then again in third grade to Miss Bennett. I would honestly ask them every week to come to Sunday dinner at my house, I'll have to ask my grandma if she remembers me doing that..... But anyways, yes I feel super blessed.
Hoping to deck our halls this weekend and start getting into the Christmas spirit. Tis' the season, I wish I could buy all my cutie kids an awesome present. First I gotta worry about my own kids!! Blah!!

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Ami said...

I wish I could afford to buy, I would definitely buy from you!!!

sooo BROKE!!

I am glad you're loving the job, it makes such a difference when you're happy at work, doesn't it??

Ami said...

PS... when I get that settlement, I will buy myself a locket to celebrate. :)

Lyssa is probably going to have surgery in a couple weeks and Eric is about to be laid off... ho ho ho.

Grandma Princess said...

You are going to have a great weekend!

Enjoy getting things festive with your boys- They help bring the magic of the season to life..Fun,fun,fun!

Emily S said...

Sounds like a really great job. So glad there are kiddos who let you know how great you are.

So, I got out my Star Wars ABC book for you to take to school, but forgot to bring it over. Just found it. Probably for Halloween, huh? So sad, sorry.