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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I get to take treats for the class....

Because it's my birthday on Thursday. I can't take my favorite treats..... I LOVE anything peanut butter and chocolate, but we have 2 kids that are allergic. I can't take my grandma's childhood specialty of cupcakes made in ice cream cones, because we can't take anything homemade..... That is what I took every year for my class for my birthday. I still LOVE those cupcakes, but oddly I didn't have one on Sunday, because we had red velvet cake that was delish! My kids did lick off all the frosting from some of them though.

I've had some pretty amazing birthdays. My grandparents and parents threw me a very cool surprise party in 8th or 9th grade all my friends were at the local pizza place, and I was truly surprised!
I always got to have a slumber party and have as many friends as I wanted come, I swear one year there were 15 girls there, but that can't be right? We always played games and watched a movie, usually The Parent Trap, with Hayley Mills.....

Maybe I'll have to pull out the trusty scrapbook and post some seriously hideous pictures of myself and my birthday parties throughout the years.


Ami said...

I take treats on MY birthday, too. The kids can't wait until December. :)

Happy Birthday!!

The Circus said...

I remember watching Goonies at at least one of those sleep overs ha ha. And hide and seek in each others sleeping bags. And I'm pretty sure there were at least 15 girls there.
Happy birthday to my dear, life long friend.