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Monday, October 8, 2012


I got up at quarter to 5, as in AM to go to the gym and be home in time to get ready and get everyone to school on time. Well while I was eating my oatmeal I got on the computer to check finances, then I got on Facebook, you can already see where this is leading......
To a blog post! Not really a post but just some thoughts:

I have 2 friends that I've been friends with for a LONG time, we were able to get away this weekend, it was a whole lot of fun and very much needed on my side of things. I figured out a few things about myself. I need to work on my marriage, I need to be dedicated to communicating clearly what I need and want from my husband. And stop trying to figure out what I think he wants to hear from me. We both need to utilize our calendar so that everyone knows what and when things are happening.
I need to stop trying so dang hard to please everyone and worrying what others might say and think about the things I choose to do!
I need to make more lists and check things off that list.
I can't get on the computer before I want to go to the gym, because then I won't go to the gym......

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