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Friday, December 2, 2011

Is it supposed to feel like closure?

Read THIS story.  Today Jubal's ashes were buried in the local cemetery. I got a call from my aunt at 10 AM, she had only found out herself, so not her fault, the service was set for 2:00, I'm happy Andy was home so I could go. I got a text from my other aunt saying that she really wanted me to come, so Andy, AJ, and I went.  The bishop who dedicated the grave kept saying things about remembering what a good guy he was and to keep in mind all the good things he did in his life. I know that everyone is NOT all bad, and I know he tried, but its hard to think of any good in a person who hurt me to my core.

But his ashes are in the ground, where the family wanted them. I'm happy he has a final resting place, and all I can hope for is healing and growth on my part. I was hoping I would feel more closure, hopefully with time.


Jacki said...

I ♥ you, Tiff! Keep your chin up and things will get better.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Let Heavenly Father deal with him now.

I luvs ya! Try to have a good day.

Ami said...

I did click on the link and read what you said.
As a non-Christian, I don't necessarily believe that he's being dealt with by a higher authority now, but I know for sure he can't hurt you anymore. He will never show up at your house, call you, or do anything more to cause you pain.

And since I am not constrained by having to always try to keep charitable thoughts,and take the high road/say something nice, I can just be glad for your sake that he's gone.

A fitting end to him if you ask me.