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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stuff and Things and a birthday wish list

We decided at the last minute to take a road trip to California to visit family. My dad's brother Mike, and his wife Suzette live in Tracy.  Andy hasn't been there for about 2 years, he had the weekend off (actually the whole week), and I thought, "Why Not?"
So we left early Friday morning, spent 2 fun days in Tracy, including going to the mall, seeing "Real Steel", which the boys and I REALLY liked, Andy, not so much, and rode the carousel and train.  I love that mall because of the carousel, the train is a new thing and the boys thought it was pretty cool.
On Sunday we drove to Auburn. To see my aunt Shelly, she is my mom's sister.  We left later than planned and didn't get to her house until 9.  Luckily Shelly,  and my cousins Claire, Sarah and Holly were still up. So we chatted and played with their puppy Lily, who is seriously SO CUTE, they have a cage for Lily to sleep in and Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I think we need to get him one of his own ;). Andrew also decided he didn't want to sleep, so I took him for a drive, nearly hit 5 deer and 10 gazillion jack rabbits. I drove around for 20 minutes, got back to Shelly's thinking he was out because he was quiet, nope, when I took him out of the car he said,"Hi." He was kind of a stinker the whole time we were there, but actually did okay driving in the car.  All in all it was a fun little trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Funny side note. When Hailey graduated from High School Mike and Suzette came to Utah and my Uncle Mike tried some local beer and really liked it. When he heard that we were coming he text me to see if we would bring him some beer. I've NEVER bought beer, I was SO nervous I was going to see someone that I know with beer in my cart. I didn't see anyone.  I did however have to ask the cashier at Maverik how much beer I could buy and how late I could buy it. The kind of beer he wanted only comes in 6 packs, he wanted 8 six packs, I could only find 4.

Every year I write a birthday list, just hoping that MAYBE someone will get me everything I so wish and desire. So being as my birthday is 13 days away, here is my list:

  • A really good sports bra and new running clothes.
  • 3 pairs of running shoes, Brooks, Nike and Saucony.
  • Unlimited gift card to get my hair done.
  • One hour free shopping spree at Walmart, Target and Old Navy.
  • Scholarship to nursing school and entry into the program.
  • A piano and piano lessons.
  • Lipo.
  • My 1998 body back. Or even my 2001 body back.
  • An all expenses paid trip to Italy, Disneyworld, and Hawaii. 
  • Any cute hair accessories or jewelry from Etsy or from My Style board on Pinterest. In fact any of the stuff that I've pinned on that board!!
  • Free Babysitting.
  • A car
  • A million dollars
  • New house
  • Treadmill
I can dream, right?


    Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

    Dreeeaaamm, dream,dream,dream O dreaaaeem!

    Love your list! :) It makes me smile!

    Glad you had such a fun trip!

    Kristina P. said...

    I would LOVE a piano. I really love the new blog look.