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Thursday, November 3, 2011

October 2011

If we are friends on facebook then you have already seen these....
Matty's pumpkin, I think I did pretty good...

Matthew's pre-school display at the Pumpkin Walk, the theme was Dr. Suess.

Grandma came with us, this is on the hay ride, see what she's holding? Its the dwarf frogs that William talked her into getting, so we now have 3 boy frogs, because everything in this house is male, except me.

The beautiful horses that pull the hay ride...

William gor this cool scorpion on his arm, he didn't want it on his face.

Pretty sure he gor this exact one last year.

I just can't believe how big he is getting.

Yep, this is my headband that he LOVES to put on his head and will wear for a long time and he thinks its SO funny.

We decided to hit the zoo with grandma Suzie.

My cute nephew that I now babysit everyday.

On the train. It was cold so there were hardly any people there, and it warmed up so it turned out to be a perfect day to go.

Grandma Suzie and AJ

In the summer this elephant squirts water at you so Matthew wouldn't even get near it even though it was turned off.

We seriously have the prettiest zoo.

This giraffe was really friendly.

My cousin Heather had a witch party for her Birthday which happens to be on Halloween, it was SO fun!

Me and Heather's sister Kaylee 

Me and Heather's mom my Aunt Lanet

Me and Heather

Matthew at his pre-school Halloween program,

Trying to make his escape.

Their "parade"

After they finished singing their cute Halloween songs, there is only 1 girl in his class.

I went to a salon to get my hair straightened for my Halloween costume.

Curse you Perry the Platypus!!

We are characters from Phineus and Ferb. Andy is Dr. Doofenschmirtz, I am Candace, AJ is Perry the Platypus, Will is  Phineus and Matthew is Ferb. If you aren't familiar, google them, they are HILARIOUS!! We love Phineus and Ferb.

I just love the look on AJ and Matty's face.

He wanted to get out of his stroller while we were trick or treating and we thought he wanted to run after his brothers, nope, he wanted to hitch a ride on this golf cart.

His cute platypus tail.


Kristina P. said...

Everyone looks so great! I love the Green Eggs and Ham pumpkin.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Well, I am not that familiar with Phineus and Ferb but my boys are!! Dyan insisted on being called Ferb for a while!

Yay for going to the Zoo before it gets freezing cold!!

Sovic Clan said...

I love all the pictures! You are such a great mom:0

About Us said...

Cute kids and family costumes! Try not to be discouraged when trying to better yourself. I, too, have felt those times when I feel like my kids deserve a healthier mom, but I also want to do it for me...chin up and push through those times when you are discouraged. I will be on the "no sugar" and "eat healthier" in a couple of weeks, so...I hear ya!

The Circus said...

Great pictures! So much fun. And I was laughing at all the things you had to say.

Emily S said...

You guys are hilarious. I'm sending a link to your Phineus and Ferb pics to my SIL, her family is crazy about that show. Sounds like a really good 8 week challenge - I've been following all of your goings-on, but usually only have a free pinkie to type with. :)

Ami said...

GREAT pumpkins!!

Awesome day, but it's true, you just can't trust an elephant. When he's a little older, read him this story.