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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Doctor named Dr. Pepper!!!

Yesterday Matthew's fever spiked at 102.5. I called the doc's office who diagnosed him with streap. His advice was about as helpful as a hole in a wall. He told me to keep him hydrated and continue with the Amoxicillian and Tylenol and that if he wasn't better by Tuesday then to bring him him.  Uhhhhhhh.... Can we say this is code for "its a holiday weekend and I don't feel like dealing with a piddly thing like a fever lady, so don't bug me!" The 24th of July is Utah's state day, but being as the 24th landed on Sunday we celebrate everything on either Saturday or Monday so all local offices have Monday off. We haven't done anything special, except listen to Cho bark at the fireworks last night, that was pretty special. Anyways, so I told Andy that if Matty wasn't better by morning I would take him to Instacare. This morning his fever was 102. Well I had to go to church to be in charge of the monsters nursery, so because of church and Andy has to sleep we didn't get to Instacare until about 3.  They were really good, gave him a HUGE shot full of a different anti-biotic, gave Matthew all the popsicles he wanted, made sure he didn't have a reaction to the shot and sent us on our way.  It wasn't until we were sitting down at the table eating dinner that I realized the doc who saw us was named Dr. Pepper!! That must have been why he was so good ;)


Ami said...

Strep should feel better within a few hours if being treated properly. Antibiotics kick butt.

Glad he's feeling better.

Guess Dr. Pepper is good for you.

Emily S said...

I was going to comment I want some Dr. Pepper right now, and then I read the post . . . I'll hold off. :) Glad they took care of you. Was it the new place in Tooele? We really liked it there.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Wouldn't like to be a Pepper, too? ;o)

Glad he got the antibiotic shot. Hope it kicks in soon, so your little one is feeling better quickly.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Hahahahahaha....funny! (Although I don't care for the drink, Dr. Pepper.) You make me laugh.

I hope he gets better soon!