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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm not the one moving.....

But I feel like I've done enough work to be moving.  We had a HUGE yard sale today at my grandparents, I think they did pretty well, I was hoping to make around $50 with the stuff I took to sale, I made about half that. I also made peanut butter cookies and my grandma donated lemonade and William and Matthew sold it for either .25 each or .50 for both.  They made about $10, William is going to be a salesman at some point in his life, I'm sure, he was super great and blowing bubbles and asking everyone that walked by if they would like a cookie. Matthew has been sick, I took him to the doctor's on Thursday, he was diagnosed with streap. He was okay and then today he was really feverish and whiny.  I'm beat beyond belief. We have a "new" member of our family. We brought Cho home last night. My grandparents don't want to take them to their condo and Hailey can't take him, so we took him. He did pretty good last night, I hope it continues to be a smooth transition. I now live with 5 boys... I SO need a girl around here!

He was supposed to be Hailey's dog, but now he is ours!


Ami said...

I did a yard sale a few years back. It was such a huge pain in the ass that I said I'd never do it again, easier to take it all to Goodwill.

So far, I've kept my word.

Cute puppy. Just what you needed, huh?

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

You just keep adding CRAZY....good thing you already are!!!! you and your crazy! I would not take in a dog for anything!