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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Matthew

Matthew expressed interest in playing soccer, so we signed him up.  We chose the team that we wanted him to be on because he has played with one of the boys on the team, and the coach lives in our neighborhood and he sees him every week at church, so he wouldn't be such a stranger to Matthew.  We thought he would like it. He likes it, except for when he is required to actually play it.  He likes to talk about going to soccer and kicking the ball, but when he gets the chance it usually ends in tears.  I'm hoping Andy and William can spend some time with him outside kicking the ball around, maybe it will help. This is yet another example to me that he really isn't ready to start going to school where he will be required to do things in a certain way, in a certain order......

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Ami said...

There is something to be said for keeping a child home an extra year when there are maturity issues. As long as he has not reached the age of compulsory attendance, it's may be something to consider.

That extra year of maturity might work to his advantage.