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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My husband and sister in law ROCK

All the kids at the swimming pool for his birthday!  

My oldest had wanted to do these things for his birthday: Go see Toy Story 3, then go to McDonald's, then go swimming, and then have everyone sleep over.  Well, he got to do two of those things, they went to McDonald's to have lunch before heading to the swimming pool, but it was CLOSED so they went to Del Taco, opened presents and had cake, then they went swimming! He invited 3 of his best friends, which one of those friends also happens to be his cousin.  So my sister-in-law stepped in to help in my absence.  And my friend that made my youngest sweet Lightening McQueen cake made him an awesome Transformer cake, so I think he had a good day, I'm happy he was still able to have his birthday party even though I wasn't there to do it, really and truly my husband and sister-in-law ROCK!!

Oh while I'm thinking about it let me tell the story of his birth, I had planned on going all natural and was very disappointed when my doctor informed me that not only did I have an oddly shaped uterus, making it very hard for the baby to turn, but he was breech anyway and natural delivery wasn't going to happen, so we prepared for a c-section, and then guess what happened at my 36 week appointment?  He had turned!! I was SO excited, then when we were going down the elevator I felt him turn back..... My blood pressure was also on the rise and my doctor was planning on going on vacation when I was 39 weeks, so we decided to schedule my c-section for June 24, 2003. I was 38 weeks along.  On the way to the hospital Andy stopped to get me some gum and while he was in there he got himself something to eat or drink, he swears that he didn't but I still say that he did, anyways, we had to be there at 5:30 am, and we had 2 excellent nurses, and then it was shift change and the main nurse we had, said "I have got to go but Pat will be taking over for me."  Then Pat came in, have you ever watched any of the Saturday Night Live skits featuring Pat?  Well there he/she was right before our eyes!  Pat was a manly woman, but I am forever thankful for how kind she was.  While they were prepping me they took Andy out so he could get his operating room garb on.  I had a tiny little chinese lady as my anesthestiologist, and I barely felt anything! There was a blue curtain between my head and belly and so I remember I was looking up at the light and the next thing I knew it had turned red, so I looked away, then the doctor brought him over for us to see and then Andy went to help with the baby and they took me into recovery.  I remember I was alone for what felt like forever, then my cousin came in and told me how adorable he was and how she had just watched Andy and a nurse give him a bath, and I thought, shouldn't I have been there for all of that??  Then finally I was moved out of recovery and into my own room where I got to hold my baby boy! He was so sweet and perfect and I instantly fell head over heels in love with him! He weighed 7 lbs 4oz, he was 21.5 inches and came into the world at 8:07 am.

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Jessica said...

Tiffany, first I am so sorry you are stuck in that hospital bed. not fun. I really hope that everything works out for you. Let me know if you need to talk.