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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The hospital

Let me start by saying I'm SO thankful that there is modern medicine and that I can be here and know that I'm doing all I can to get the baby here safely.  I keep telling myself that its MUCH better for me to be here then to have him here and in the NICU.  But man alive it is SO hard to be here, and not with my family. The longest I will be here is 3 weeks, and I will have been here 1 week on Wednesday.... The goal right now is to get me to 36 weeks, which is July 6th, then they will do an amniocentesis to test his lungs and if they are a-ok then he will be delivered.  I'm praying that is what happens.  If the amnio shows that his lungs aren't developed then I will be here another week, and no matter what they will have to deliver him at 37 weeks.  My blood pressure has been really good since I've been here.  And the baby is still as active as ever.  All good things.  Also, we have excellent health insurance, much better than when I had my youngest, so hopefully it will all be okay.  I wish I could go home for just a few hours a day and do the things that moms do and worry about.  I'm SO happy that I've had visitors and have only missed seeing my family one day.  They won't be able to come everyday, its just not reasonable with Utah having the highest gas prices in the country.  So I'm doing a lot of movie watching and reading.  I save my one wheelchair ride a day for when I know I will have visitors, the boys love to take turns pushing all the buttons we have to push to get down to the cafeteria.  The food here is horrible, and has made me throw up twice, but again, its not cost effective to go to the cafeteria for every meal, as yummy as the food is down there.....  So I try my hardest to make do.

All the nurses have been really nice and I really like the group of maternal fetal medicine doctors I've been seeing, one of them will deliver the baby.  So let's just pray that my blood pressure behaves itself and I don't get too horrible of headaches so that we can make it through.....

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