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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


William the Wizard! I made his costume!!

William and one of his BFF's that moved away at our Trunk or Treat, they were SO excited to see each other, we miss him, LOTS!!

Matthew was sick!! He didn't even dress up!! I had my BFF's help in making William's costume but I think it turned out SO great! I'm pretty proud of myself!!! I took William to the church to go "Trunk or Treating" it was safer and a whole lot quicker than traditional trick or treating, BUT I will say that I missed going out with my sister in law and her family.... It was such a nice surprise to see Q and his family there, William and Q are such good friends, and so far we haven't found any other friends to replace Q and his other BFF that moved away Nolan...... When we got back from the trunk or treat the plan was to fix his cloak and then try to find everyone else, but William was coughing too hard.... Oh the glories of early winter and horrible viruses going around!! I hope all 3 of my guys get feeling better SOON!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I am so sorry. Sounds like you made the most of it!
All of this sickness is terrifying me, I don't want to leave my house.

Trishelle said...

I'm so so sorry to hear that you had the sickies in your house too! It's such a bummer to be sick on any holiday! Hopefully, everyone is back to feeling like themselves again!