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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not til at least the week before Thanksgiving people!!

Why is it that SO many people(stores included) want to just skip Thanksgiving and give it the shaft? I LOVE Thanksgiving! I think it's a great day to be with family and now worry about the gift side of a holiday, and the food, oh the food!! I chose to start dieting this past weekend, but I will have a cheat day on Thanksgiving, I probably will NOT have any pie but rolls, and mashed potatoes, oh how I will enjoy! I usually don't care that people want to hang their tree the day after Halloween, but come on why not enjoy your pumpkins and gourds before throwing out ALL your Christmas decor? I'm not going to lie, I have two reasons for loving Thanksgiving 1. I was born on Thanksgiving and so I am usually celebrated on this festive holiday and 2. I really LOVE to be with family weather it be mine or his! I'm also feeling nervous for this Christmas because of money its going to be a tough one... And it makes me sad, but also excited to teach my kids about the TRUE meaning of Christmas and to find ways to celebrate it that aren't going to cost a lot of dough!


Trishelle said...

Good point, Tiff! I've always enjoyed Thanksgiving but have always treated it like part of Christmas. You've motivated me to treat it like its own holiday.

Becky said...

Amen. Also, eat a peice of pie. Come on, just one!

Anonymous said...

i so know what you mean about money being tight..but what I did is make a list of who im buying for and started buying for one person a pay day...i already have my kids bought for too!! had to get creative on where to hide these presents from us and "Santa" but so far so good. Good luck. oh and I love turkey day too! my cousin Nathan's bday was always on or around thanksgiving, so now that he's gone its just even more special to remember. EAT the PIE...if your going to have a cheat day might as well go all the way..hehehe.