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Monday, November 2, 2009

Just some random things... AND an updated birthday wishlist, hee hee

I am full of the most random thoughts so I thought I would blog them, after all that's what blogs are for, right? I need organization in my life yet I struggle with it SO MUCH! I'm always just barely on time to things, my house ALWAYS has clutter, and I can never keep a schedule... WHAT is wrong with me? When I got set apart for my new church calling my bishop was inspired to bless me to be organized but I haven't gotten any better yet.... My lack of organization is a source of contention in my family and it has gotten me in trouble at work, you would think that I would learn....
I feel like I get distracted TOO easily, but I do things that I don't think are bad, like read, sew and bake bread.. I guess I will keep on trying.

I feel like Matthew will NEVER be potty trained..

Why do boys just like to hit?

Why is it SO fun to get on Facebook and look at people's profiles?

I want to start running again so I tried it out and too many things jiggled, so I was TOO self conscious to keep going...

I can't wait to put up Christmas decorations and usually I'm a wait til Thanksgiving is over with type of person, what a surprise.

I'm SO thankful for my best friend Debi, she is my life saver!

She who does not ask cannot receive!!

Cutting mat/wheel/guide

Nice rolling pin
Wheat grinder

Old Navy giftcard
Bath & Body Works giftcard
Naturally dark auburn hair, NO GREY!
Pretty make-up
Cool jewelery
Picture frames
A nice date with the hubby
4 days in Disneyland!
Total landscape makeover!

There you go, these are also acceptable items for Christmas ;-)


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Wow Tiff, I think I will just copy your list and paste it on mine!

As far as being unorganized...we just do the best we can. It helps me to simplify. Don't pull yourself in so many directions, STOP doing everything for everyone and TAKE care of yourself!
However, I know you and that is IMPOSSIBLE for YOU!
Do me just one favor...wrap your right hand around to your left shoulder and now your left hand to your right shoulder and give yourself a BIG hug from ME! I love you!

Anonymous said...

i know what you so unorganized. Im trying to declutter my house..and hope that I find that it will declutter my