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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Matty's first day....

Seriously isn't he the cutest little pre-schooler?? He was excited to wear his ack-back (back-pack), when we got there he wanted to go inside but then as soon as he noticed we left he cried. :( but when we went to go get him the teachers said he was SO cute and SO good. That he loved when they went into the gym and played with balls and hula-hoops! I was concerned about having him take the bus and then not being able to take the bus anymore if he didn't qualify for the special education at the end of his 30 day "trial period" (there was no bus the first day). So I talked to the main teacher and she said that her gut feeling is that he will qualify that she thinks there are parts that make up language in our brains that aren't developed in his yet, because he doesn't have made up "words" for things that he doesn't know how to say he just either grunts or points or both, or just doesn't say anything at all!!... Validation for my frustration!! Today (Wednesday) was the first day for the bus, he was excited to hear that he got to ride on a bus but then when the bus was coming he started crying..... So they let me ride the bus with him, he cried the whole way there, but I'm happy to say that they have little car seat seatbelts on buses for them! He did just fine on the way home they said, so maybe it was just the first time jitters.. We'll see how next Wednesday goes. Nobody really wants to hear that their child is going to require "special" help, but man am I thankful that there are programs out there that help children and that are free of charge. I'm even more happy that I don't have to completely stress out about getting him potty trained in the next 3 weeks!!! I will still keep trying, we bought the potty Elmo doll last night on ebay... Hopefully it will help!!! I guess there is still a chance that he wouldn't qualify but I'm going to stay positive, I know he needs the help, I now know it's not my lack of tutoring or teaching that has made him this way. He has his own time table, has since the NICU, so we may wake up tomorrow and he will be talking in full sentences... Hey I can dream can't I??


Sovic Clan said...

I am so glad that you have help! What a relief! He looks so adorable!!!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Best of Luck with all of this. I hope he starts to like the bus.

Potty training sucks. Good Luck!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

How fun are these moments of your boys going to school!!? I can't wait until my little one starts. It has make be REALLY excited!!

What a cool program. It seems like it has answered a lot of prayers.