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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of 1st grade!

"Hey, don't treat me like a baby! I can make my breakfast all by myself mommy." Will then opened the freezer, took out two waffles and pulled a chair up to the stove so he could reach the toaster. He then said, "Excuse me mom, I need to get to the toaster, I tried to grab the waffles out of his hand to put them in the toaster for him, of course I should of known better, his response was "I said I can do it myself but you will have to cut it for me, cuz I can't use knives."

This was how we started our day on the first day of school. He made his breakfast all by himself. He was very chill about starting first grade, he seemed to have the "I can totally do this" attitude. He wore his new Star Wars shirt and new shoes that grandma got him. He let me take pictures of him but as you can see he got sick of me doing so by the time we got to his classroom. When he walked in to his class there were a bunch of kids that were excitedly running up to the teacher to introduce themselves, not William he just kept looking around the classroom and then back at me. The teacher noticed him and asked him his name and she told him what she thought was a funny story about someone else putting on his name tag, but he wasn't about to crack for anyone, he just said "Oh." She looked at me and I just shrugged and told him to have a fun day, again I got no emotion from him he just said "K".
I was nervous for him because none of his old classmates are in his class or any of the neighborhood kids that he likes to play with. So far it's not an issue. He keeps saying that he is making new friends but can't remember any of their names. This first week they have to do assessments and so first grade has half days. He seems pretty tired when he gets home I hope he does okay next week when they have to stay another 2 hours at school. He seems to like his teacher and keeps telling stories about kids in his class so I guess things are going good!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

He is so excited to be a big boy! That is so neat. He is going to be a great student!

How do you feel about being so old you have a first grader???????

Trishelle said...

Happy day! I hope the week has been good and your little guys is getting into the swing of things....I also hope you get some well deserved 'me' time too!

Krystal said...

what a mighty cute 1st grader you have :) And I love how independent he is. Hope he has a great year.