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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sewing sewing sewing!!!

I am obsessed with sewing lately!! I learned how to make these "pillowcase dresses" at an Enrichment Night (my religion's monthly activity for just the women), and fell in LOVE with making them!!! I made one for my friend (yes I got a lot of questions when I signed up to make the dress...), I made one for each of my BFF's darling little girls, and I decided to make one for myself..... I bought material almost a year ago to sew Matthew a rag quilt for his bed because he is using my baby blanket, well I got about 2 columns done and quit, I even had BFF and another good friend come over and help me cut and sew and we still didn't get it done!!! But FINALLY all the squares are sewn together, I'm still working on "ragging" the squares and the edge needs to be redone, but so far what I have done is FABULOUS!!! I had enough material left over to make Matthew some pj bottoms and to do one side of drapes for their bedroom, I'm now itching to get it done and make William some pj shorts to match Matthews, if only I could go buy more material, ARG!! I also want to make an apron and I'm going to keep trying with dresses and skirts for myself.... It's like reading once you start it's hard to stop before the project is finished. Who knows maybe I will get really good and will start making and selling dresses... HA HA HA!!! When I get the quilt and my dress finished I will post pictures of everything I've done so far....


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

YES, please show me! I love seeing the cool stuff that others can do but I am not yet crazy enough to try! LOL! You are nuts, you do know that, right.

Anonymous said...

Pillow dress?? Reyna came home from school and said her friend had one...and she wanted one...but I thought she was making it well, if you ever get bored. I have a little girl who is a size are they hard to make? I need to start sewing...I have a machine that my mom gave me , but it needs some work.