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Monday, May 11, 2009

What a fantastic Mother's Day!!

I was in desperate need for new running shoes, and I had signed up for Race for the Cure, Yikes... So we went to Bountiful to Deboer's shoe store, and I got a fantastic pair of shoes!! YAY! I had a wonderful race at Race for the Cure, it was SO much fun! I also wanted plants for the garden, so Andrew surprised me with a gift card to the local nursery, so while Andrew and William were at the father and son campout, Matthew and I went to the nursery, and today William is going to help me plant the garden! I sent Andy and the boys to Costco while I was working on Saturday and they came home with a Mother's Day "surprise" for me. Andrew even wrapped it, so after I got off I decided that I didn't was to wait til Sunday to open it. It was a Wii FIT!! I'm SO SO SO excited about this, we had SO much fun last night playing it, yes the "oh" it says when you step on the board is a bit annoying, it was fun and exciting to play with William, and laugh at ourselves... On Sunday I went out to my grandma's and Heather and I made breakfast for everyone, it was a lot of fun.... All in all it was a fantastic mother's day and I have the most amazing husband in the world!!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I hope you enjoy your garden. I am terrible with mine and it is only a 8x3 foot garden. I suck.
Enjoy your new Wii fit! It helped Derek loose 20 lbs and counting. He weighs himself everyday and I think that made a huge difference for him.

Fab Five said...

Your day sounds fantastic! Let me know how much you love the Wii Fit... I think I want to get one. p.s. Nice choice in page background! You have great taste! :)