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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eye exam and Hailey's dance concert

Last week I finally went and got my eyes checked so that I could get a new prescription and new contacts, Hooray!! Andrew was working graveyards last weekend and so I had to take the boys with me... not fun... Anyways everything was fine, until I sent them in the waiting room to play with the cars and blocks that they had out there while the doctor finished up with me. I went out and purchased 2 boxes of contacts and made the boys clean up the blocks, as we were leaving the receptionist says "your son tells me he is getting a baby sister, congratulations!", I make a snorting sound and reply "Um, I'm not pregnant." She tries to recover with, "well I didn't think you were, he was just so convincing..." I just laughed and left. So we had a talk on the way home, and hopefully he will STOP telling people that he's getting a baby sister. At least until I actually get pregnant, and hopefully Heavenly Father will hear my son's request for a baby sister and grant that request......

Last night was Hailey's (my little sister) dance company concert, it was SO much fun to go and watch her dance, she is truly talented, I wish she would put more effort into it and realize how talented she really is.... Anyways my grandma and I had to take the boys with us for the first part of it. It started at 7 and Andrew got off at 7:30, so they were there until almost 8 or so and as soon as the lights went down Matthew jumped out of my lap and started running, then when he realized that he can see the lights in his shoes even better in the dark, there was NO catching him.... It was hard to be mad about it because he was laughing hysterically about running away from his mom and seeing the shots of light that his shoes were giving off in the dark.. The dancing was amazing and the girls all did really well, but most of the dances were just WEIRD, I can't explain it they were just weird, so NOT like it was when I was there.... On the up side if any of them messed up it was hard to tell if it was part of the choreography or not... The funniest dance was the sophmores and juniors did a dance called "Chunky" and they were wearing those blow up sumo costumes, SO hilarious! I also saw some old friends from high school, it was interesting, and fun to see them again.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Old aquainteneces always...interesting, if nothing else.
Can't wait to see ya!

Anonymous said...

That si so Dang funny! Josh did that to me once! I was not pregnant, either....but, a couple months later, I was!!! Be careful!!! jk! LoL!