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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Matthew's Testing

Yesterday Matty was tested by early intervention and it was VERY interesting. I was surprised by the things that they asked him or wanted him to do and was surprised at how little verbal skills he has but how much interactive play skills he does have. I still just have mixed feelings about all of it, they had me fill out a questionnaire about him and there was a lot of questions that I felt like didn't apply to him, like he can't start conversations so how do I know if he can start them appropriately? From that questionnaire they used it to find his weaknesses and strengths. From that they somehow got that he has violent tendencies..... He's also a 3 year old BOY who likes to play fight with his brother, turns everything into a sword and make cars crash into each other, call me crazy but those seem like just normal behavior? They also said that he has anxiety which doesn't surprise me, because he is SO attached to me, but again it's something that I feel he will out grow.... I am SO grateful that there are early intervention programs out there and I feel that it will help him a lot, I guess I just feel like a big fat failure as a mother, because he has made a lot of progress, but then will regress, and then we won't see progress for a while....
He is still just SO happy and SO much fun, and he would make them laugh, and two of the teachers said that his laugh should be the laugh for a toy or something because its so cute, which it is.... I guess they all meet together to discuss the kids and then will let me know if he qualifies for the program in the next 3 weeks, so now we just wait.

He refused to let them test his hearing, he was also a little cranky because he woke up at 5 am with a poopy diaper ( I was a little cranky too), so I will have to take him to Primary's to have his hearing tested and my pediatrician wants me to meet with a speech therapist. Speech therapy is part of the pre-school program, but she feels like it would be beneficial for him to have extra speech therapy, which I'm fine with, the only problem with it is the cost, my neighbor looked into it and it can be anywhere from $40-$100 a session..... YIKES! The good news is that I have a neighbor who graduated in speech therapy and I think she would be willing to work with him at a lower price, since she isn't "licenced" but she knows what the professionals know... We'll see what happens, I need to check with my insurance first... This issue is one of HIGH concern and stress for me so I will keep everyone updated on the situation....

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Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Are you coming on Wed.? I hope so.

I tend to think that Dr.s and Therapists turn mole hills into mountains. It's what we pay them for. So it is no surprise. Sometimes we need to just take what is useful and leave the rest.

I am all about listening to your own intuition. So, you are most likely right! Go with your gut and don't let anyone, ANYONE, make you feel like a bad Mom.