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Sunday, December 1, 2013

In the last two months......

Not a lot has happened in our corner of the world. Except....
I turned 34.
I enrolled at USU extension for January 2014. I've decided to go into teaching, while becoming a nurse has been a long term goal, after I started teaching I felt like it's a better path for me to follow. I LOVE it. 
I've lost 15 pounds by cutting flour, sugar and dairy from my diet. And my migraines disappeared, then on the 21st I was supposed to gradually re-introduce those things to my diet, well I indulged in ALL of them, so I'm giving it another go, because my headaches are back.
Andy now has a 9-5 job, well more like 7:30-4:30 job, still at the same place, just in a different department. We are very happy about that.
I'm cutting back my hours at work because now that AJ has to go to daycare 5 days a week, opposed to 10 days a month, he's turned into a little monster. Also it'll be better when I start school.
Speaking of monsters, Halloween was fun, William was Harry Potter, Matthew was Bumblebee, and AJ was Superman. I was the wicked witch of the West at school, it was fun. I wore green makeup and everything, by the end of the day it was driving me crazy though!!! 
I'll try and post pics of Halloween. For some reason I've been having issues with that.
Looking forward to Christmas, hoping it won't be stressful. Not a lick of shopping done, it was nice to just stay home on Black Friday. Hopefully it'll all come together.  

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Trishelle said...

Tiff!!! It is so so awesome to see you again! I changed my blog to wordpress and since I'm kinda a technological idiot, I haven't been able to figure howto make a blog roll.

Congratulations on the success of your eating regimen! It feels great to reap the benefits of those sacrifices.

CONGRATULATIONS for enrolling in school too! That is tremendous...and wonderful! I know you will be an amazing teacher, Tiff. I look forward to following this adventure of yours!

Let's get together soon, my beautiful friend. I would love to catch up!!