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Friday, September 20, 2013

1st graders are sticky....

This year I am in 1st grade. I LOVE it, but the biggest difference between 1st graders and 2nd graders is that they seem to be a bit more sticky. And getting them into a solid routine seems like an impossible task. We are 4 weeks in and I still get asked what they are supposed to be doing when they get into the classroom.  EVERYDAY is the same, come in, hang up your backpack, get your learning plan out, make your lunch choice, and then start on your morning seat work. I still get glossy-eyed stares from some of them....
 I find their honesty a bit shocking at times. Here are a few of the not so nice things I've been told:
"Your butt hits my head because it's big."
"That hairstyle makes you look crazy, like in a good crazy way." - I chopped my hair off and wear it in it's naturally curly state more, because straightening it is SO HARD now that it's short.
I lost my name tag so I had my badge hanging with my whistle, and a little sweetie said, "that picture makes you look really old."

Some of the super nice things that have been said:
"I really think that lipstick looks pretty on you, I can't wait to wear lipstick!"
"Did you have a spa day? Because you look beautiful."
I wore my hair straight 2 days ago and a little guy said, "Oh Mrs. E you look so beautiful today!" then today it didn't stay straight after my sweaty run and shower that I had and tried to avoid getting my hair wet, so it was in a pony tail and the same boy said, "you look even more beautiful today than you did yesterday."
I have one of my friend's son in my reading group and she told me after school one day that her little boy said, "she looked so pretty that I couldn't breathe, but I was too scared to say anything."
I remember asking my 1st grade teacher to come to dinner almost every week. I've been asked twice so far. My teacher has been asked more often. ;)

So I guess more nice things then not.
I have two kids in my homeroom that need mommy hugs at least once a day, so there are days that I feel like I never leave "mom mode".  But. Oh my goodness they pull my heartstrings, today my shirt shoulder had a giant tear pool and boogers first thing because a little girl didn't have time to finish her math homework. There is another little girl that I just wish I could get my hands on her hair, and actually do it for her, and a boy that I can just feel needs some love and attention, but I have to restrain myself to giving him a gummy bear if I catch him behaving or giving him a high five or a thumbs up whenever I catch his eye. Not to even mention Paytyn, my heart just aches for him and his family. Praying for a cure, and that he can win his battle. Click on his name, read his story and have a box of tissues ready. He's in our class and has a monkey in his chair, there are times that his spirit is so strongly felt that both my teacher and I go over to his desk to help him....
 Matthew is in 1st grade so I get to see him all the time, it's nice, I wish I could see William more, but I love the moments he sees me in the hall and touches my shoulder or other kids in his class spot me and tell him I'm there, and he smiles his shy smile.
Not sure if anyone still reads my poor lil neglected blog anymore, but I wanted to write about my adorable 1st graders!!!


Ami said...

I read when you post. Kids are boogery and germy and sticky and they smell funny and they're loud.

Fun, isn't it?

Jacki said...

I still read your posts too. :)
Keep posting!