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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Man

Is amazing. Yes things have been a bit rough the last couple of months, but we're working on it, because we want to.

I went to Idaho this weekend, and my eyes were opened and my heart saddened by what some loved ones go through to stay married and survive.  I couldn't wait to get home to my loving, kind husband.  It was nice to see some family that I haven't seen since AJ was a baby. And why we went to Idaho in the first place really is breaking my heart, my cousin needs a liver transplant.  It was also fun to spend time with my more like a sister, cousin, Heather.  
AJ instantly took to grandpa and loved looking at all the stuff in his house. Being there brought back memories of watching my beautiful older cousin brush her hair and do her makeup in her room and hoping that someday I would be as beautiful as her, and get the glamour of going on dates with cute boys.  I also remember getting folded up into a couch bed at their house, when I said that my aunt said, "yep, that was life with an older brother who liked to torture his little sister and anyone else that was around." So even though that side of the family is tied to a lot of really bad memories with my dad, there are some good ones, and they are good people, and still family.

On another note, I hate daylight savings.

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