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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month!! A lot has happened! AJ turned 2! He is talking (sort of), he is hilarious and I'm SO happy he is MINE! 

I'm not ready for school to start, not one bit. I'm excited for the new adventure of the Charter school and I hope my boys flourish like I feel that they will.  William needs some major help with math, he has forgotten all his times tables.... Not good.... Of course the worry over Matty is never-ending, at our last well-child check up our pediatrician saw all 3 boys at the same time and when she got to Matthew she said, "tell me he looks like a grandpa or something?" I said, no he's sort of a mixed bag, she said well I want to have genetics take a look at him as well as behavioral and occupational development.  
I was a little shocked, then she pointed out some things that I've always just accounted for all the genes that go into play when 2 people make a baby, she said they could be indicators of a chromosome deficiency or some other development that could explain why Matthew does some of the things he does. I sighed with relief then they called, genetics did, and said that they could see him on April 17, 2013.............. Uh, okay. I guess my curiosity will just have to sit on a shelf for a while... A long while. But we will get him in to the others and see what they say. She said I may have given him my anxiety and the dreaded "A" word was thrown out again "Autistic Spectrum" or "Aspergers". We'll see.

We finished swimming lessons last Friday and Matthew did AWESOME!! Well more awesome than last year when he would cry if any of the teachers touched him or tried to make him do anything so they would just let him cling to the wall the whole time or sit on the steps. This year he did everything that was asked of him and asked to go to swimming everyday!! It was GREAT! He didn't "pass" his level, but in my mind he has come leaps and bounds so I don't care.  William learned to dive and likes to go off the diving board, which I am proud of, I can't remember the last time I went off a diving board.

I'm still watching my nephew but I haven't had him everyday which has been nice to have the long weekends. Especially when Andy is home. I've finally got some people on my Origami Owl team and I'm excited to watch that grow and see where it goes.  I've also gotten into doTERRA essential oils, and I LOVE them! I'm also going to be a sub at the boys' school which will hopefully turn into an instructor position in the future. So lots going on. Oh and Andy is hoping for a new job in the near future, keep your fingers, eyes, and toes crossed. 

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Ami said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. I love your Origami Owl stuff, but can't afford to even pay attention these days... so I can't even consider one... but oh they're so sweet!

As for your middle guy? He's still just your middle guy, and the only thing a diagnosis is good for is if it can help YOU deal with any issues.