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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sensory Spectrum, not otherwise specified......

That is Matthew's diagnosis for now.  The counselor that we met with yesterday said that there are too many grey areas concerning Matthew to say yes its Aspergers or something else.  A little frustrating but at least we are on the right track, and at she isn't jumping to a diagnosis just to please us or whatever. We have more appointments set up, and she wants us to try and get the genetic testing done sooner so that we can just have a better overall picture of everything Matty.

His nose is also creating issues for him, so we gotta get him into an ENT, poor little guy! He just makes me smile everyday and I love being his mom, he's so tender and just a sweet little boy.

This is from his pre-school graduation which I need to blog about because it was HILARIOUS! He would sing and was a little bit behind everyone and extremely LOUD, it was very uncharacteristic of him.  But it was awesome!!

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Ami said...

I highly recommend the book The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz.

Go check out the website here:

And most of all enjoy your little guy. He's different, not bad or willful or scary... he's just your little boy.

And I can tell you that MANY sensory issues resolve on their own, and the child also develops coping mechanisms.

My Lyssa had all sorts of issues growing up, and I'd be happy to discuss things with you via email.