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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh Hi.....

 If we are friends on facebook then you may have already seen my tv appearance, if not click on the link...... Origami Owl Jewelry

My friend Hilary (the girl I signed up under) and I went on tv to talk about Origami Owl.  It was nerve-racking and a little scary, BUT the 5 minute segment went WAY TOO FAST! The hostesses were SUPER nice and when it was over I was thinking, I hope we get to do this again!  There are 3 things that happened that I'm kicking myself over; IsabellA not Isabelle is the founder of OO, there are over 600 designers nationwide not 300, and we didn't give them our phone numbers and email addresses!!!!! We also didn't talk about how to get OO..... Oh well we are getting the name out there and we learned. Hopefully when we go to vendor events people will see us and remember we were on the show.  2 of my bloggy friends are going to do giveaways for me so when they start I will link them up!! We are going to a bunch of vendor events starting next month and I'm hoping they are all successful.  I'm also hoping to get my first recruit SOON.

Last night I went to my cousin's son's viewing, he would have been 3 next month. It was SO sad.  Go HERE to read about it.... Make sure you have a tissue handy....

My sister-in-law watched the boys, and after I got home I wasn't feeling well, thinking I just needed some rest I went to bed at 10. Then I started throwing up.  Yes this sucks but its horrible timing because I'm leaving tomorrow for Moab where I'm running 13.1 miles on Saturday.  I'm starting to feel better and I hope I'm 100% better by tomorrow, I've been using essential oils to help myself heal.  I put some Oregano, On-Guard (a blend of different oils) and Frankincense in a capsule and took it, about 15 minutes later I threw it up. It burned, horribly..... So I've been rubbing it on my stomach and feet (your feet have the biggest pores and are the best vehicles to get oils in your system.  I was sick the last time I tried to run the Moab half, but it was with a sinus infection and I had to pull out at mile 6ish because I felt like I got whacked in the head with a hammer, so I feel like I have something to prove to myself.  I'm also not going to do any more races after this until I lose 80 pounds or get to a certain size, running hasn't helped me lose weight since I had children. SO next week I'm starting the P.I.N.K method diet.  I hope this is it, I'm SO done feeling the way I do, and looking in the mirror and seeing what I see.

William is going to play flag football, his first practice is tonight and he has his first game in 2 weeks.  I'm excited for him to play!
Matthew is doing well, he is a little obsessed with the computer, wii, and William's DS, I wish we could get him to do anything, but playing soccer has turned him off to want to do ANYTHING, he was traumatized, not sure why.  The charter school's lottery is next week and fingers are crossed that we get in, if not I'm still not sure what we will do.
AJ is AJ he is a little terror and LOVES to make messes, with anything and everything, but he makes life fun and he is so entertaining.


Kristina P. said...

Cancer sucks.

The Circus said...

I hope you get better Tiffy. I'll have to have you make me a necklace and I'll buy it from you :) I'm not very good at accessorizing!

jessicaclarke said...

Checked out you stuff I never heard of OO before. It's cute:) Good luck with your events, I need to try to get some going soon too:)

Ami said...

What a shame to lose such a small person to such a horrible thing.
Very sad.

It's nice to see you back online, though.