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Friday, February 3, 2012

This crazy thing called life!!

Just a quick update on us.....
I am consumed with training for the Moab Half Marathon on March 17th, and getting my business up and running, still looking for recruits and people to host parties (wink, wink)!! I had an AWESOME party last Saturday and it was just SO MUCH FUN!! I LOVE it!! I'm also trying to decide if I want to become a doTERRA essential oils consultant, because I have also fallen in love with oils, but I am doubting I can do both with my serious lack of organization.... All while taking care of the kids...

Andy is plugging away at his classes, only 2 more to go!! (we think and hope) he likes to spend his free time playing games and spending time with me.

William is enjoying reading and is almost done with Charlotte's Web, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  He is playing basketball and has a lot of fun playing!

Matthew - Learned about fire safety and learned our phone number and my cell number, he knows all about stop, drop, and roll, and likes to talk about his trip to the fire station! Today he is dressing up as a Cowboy for school because that is what he wants to be when he grows up because they are having "career day" today.

Andrew is just a rowdy, rough and tumble boy.  He did imitate the kid show "Bubble Guppies" last night and said, "diaper", then he was playing with Woody from Toy Story and repeated, "Hey Howdy Hey", it was AWESOME!!


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Holy busy.

What is Andrew taking classes for?

Your kiddos sound so super cute. Hey Howdy Hey.....Soooooo cute.

Really, once I get to know people more, I would love to have a catalog party. I love that there are temple and CTR charms. Perfect for all of the girls turning 12 with Kaitlynd this year. Just give me some time. I don't want to come across as the one who wants to sell you that is why I am your friend. Get it.

Love you. Good luck crazy lady.

Heather said...

Lots of things going on and lots of things to be proud of! I love that your boy dressed up as a cowboy for career day, how cute!