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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome... And a huge THANKS!!

So this morning while perusing my stats I looked at "my audience" and what countries have been looking at my little space of the www, and I was surprised to see Russia, India and Turkey on the list. So welcome to my thoughts, and really I can't express how much comments really just make my day.

I have a cousin, who all my life I have called my aunt. It wasn't until I was in college and hanging out with my cousin (her son) that I realized that she was my cousin, funny how that works, anyways, she reads my blog and was SO KIND and sent me a package full of AMAZING ideas for neighbors, teachers, and stocking stuffers. She also included stamps, a few bucks and $1 gift certificates to McDonald's with a note that said, "Sometimes you just need a drink!" Because lets face it I will give up soda but I will NEVER give up McDonald's Coke because they have the best Coke on the planet. Which after reading Von's blog I found out why, they have their own Coke containers that a Coke person comes and maintains once a week. So I need to say a huge THANK YOU to my "Aunt Pam" or as she is known to a few littles, Grandma Princess!! Everything in your care package will be used and thanks to you some people will actually be receiving something from us!! I LOVE the caramel corn cobs, I have bought them before and think they are simply DEVINE!! I can't wait to eat some Christmas morning, they are going in our stockings!!


Kristina P. said...

OK, I really need a Diet Coke right now.

Ami said...

how cute!! 'Grandma Princess'.

We had an elderly lady sitter when my brothers were little. Her name was Grandma Marge, but Steve didn't get that, called her 'Uncle Marge' instead.

She took care of my son once when he was a little guy, and I just introduced her as Uncle Marge.

He still remembers her.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

my cute aunt would always give us $5 in Mickey D's coupons and Avon products...and I thought she was so cool because of it. still do. :)

Trishelle said...

Love it, Tiff! I have a 'cousin' who is 8 months older than me who happens to be my aunt. It's a fun way to open up a conversation. What a cool gift idea!

Grandma Princess said...

I think you will have a Merry Christmas...

Enjoy the little moments with the boys.
Remember to take pictures for them.

Have a nice New Year!