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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This time will be different.....

I've talked/whined/blogged/cried about my weight too many times to count, and for far TOO long. I found one of my cheerleading skirts. It's a size 28, I can pull it up one of my thighs and it doesn't fall down.
I have a daily "uniform" that I wear, an XL plain colored shirt and then some sort of elastic band pants with my hair pulled into a ponytail.  I feel like my boys need to see a healthy and fit mom who will be around for them for a LONG time. I don't want them to continue to see a mom who sets goals and doesn't achieve them.  I want them to know that they can do anything because mom did it.

Here are some things I'm going to do this time:
Be in bed every night by 9:30
NO MORE SODA of any kind, no Sprite, or Root Beer, nuthin.
I joined Sparkpeople my user name is runtiffy2run, so find me if you are on there.
I will be counting calories, something I've never done before.



Just me and my girls said...

You can do it girl...I BELIEVE in you.

Jacki said...

You can do it Tiff!! I ♥ you!

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I love you Tiff.
Do it and know that you are healthier because of it. Even when the scale says ARE healthier!

Bry and Meliss said...

Good for you! Whether you have 400 lbs to lose or 10 lbs to lose, it's ALWAYS a challenge. I have some weight I need to lose and I just haven't motivated myself yet. You inspire me and I think you look GREAT!!! :)

mrs.boring stay at homer said...

Urg! I JUST had this same conversation with myself a couple days ago! It is so hard! But, our kids do deserve it. And,you know, so do we!! You can do it!! I might look you up on that website if that's ok? Good luck to you!

Sovic Clan said...

You can do it lady! I am doing
Check it out:)

Heather said...

You can do it! I think it is awesome you are making goals! I want to get in bed by 9:30 too, that would be great! I need that goal myself!