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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dentist, store, and The Help

Dentist visit today. I have incredibly horrible teeth. I always have a cavity, cleaning is a nightmare and I walk away determined that it won't be as horrible the next time.... But as the hygienist said some people are just cursed with bad teeth, its genetic.  My tooth that has a cavity will need a root canal eventually. Awesome.

I also cried the whole way home from the grocery store today. I thought I had planned correctly, but I hadn't and ended up spending about $20 more than budgeted. I tried to take some of it back, but because it was all perishable, they wouldn't take it back even though it hadn't been out of the store for more than 10 minutes.  Stupid, I should of just had them take it back when I was going through the register.

On Saturday I went with my sisters-in-law and both my in-laws to see The Help.  It was SO GOOD! I bought the book and had only read the first 2 chapters by Saturday.  If you haven't read it or been to see it, do both, you won't regret it.  Emma Stone (Skeeter), Viola Davis (Abileen), and Octavia Spencer (Minny) were AMAZING! Bryce Howard was pretty darn good too!!


Kristina P. said...

I hate the dentist. My whole family has crappy teeth and it's always so painful.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I am a part of the BAD Teeth Club too!!

Wish I could get out of it!

I am pretty certain I need at least two things fixed and I am planning on a bill of at least $1000! Yeah.

mrs.boring stay at homer said...

I hate going over on groceries, these days it's hard not to. I've had to have the checker take things off before and it's embarrassing but...things add up so fast!

I have that book on hold at my library. Can't wait to read it!