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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little bit of progress.... And some other "thoughts"

So I mentioned the HOA and how we are getting letters and threats and what not.  Well this weekend we borrowed the in-laws truck and Andy's sister's tiller.  We have a big, beautiful tree in our yard, unfortunately its on the side of the yard that isn't "finished", I wanted to put grass around it from the beginning but Andy didn't want to so I tried every sort of plant over there, nothing would grow, except the dang tree. So I cleared the weeds, William got 190 rocks (his dad told him he would pay him a dollar for every 10 rocks that he found) There were 19 rocks lined up on the sidewalk by the time he got done.... Then Andy tilled it and made it look pretty so we can plant some grass there! The rest of the park strip? Well I pulled lots of weeds, but there is still A LOT that needs to be done over there. I also weeded the front park strips, so they look pretty too. We got some dirt to put in the garden boxes and tilled that too. While we were at Home Depot I bought 2 cucumber plants, a watermelon plant, and a strawberry plant. I will go to the local nursery to get some pumpkins, cantelope, brocoli, and probably another watermelon, oh and lettuce, I LOVE growing lettuce!! Oh I can't wait!!

Today at church I was only able to stay for about an hour. Our church starts at 9 AM and goes until noon.  Andrew takes a morning nap, and what time does he usually take that nap? Between 9-9:30 and will sleep for 2-3 hours. So, I got all dressed up and went to church and the second we got there I knew we weren't going to make it. Andrew wanted nothing to do with me and wanted to be crawling around and then he just started crying, crying like he does when he just wants to go to sleep, so I heard about 10-15 minutes of the lesson and the rest of the hour fighting with him, I finally gave up and we weren't even around the corner and he was out.  We are going to get a new calling (job at church) and to be able to do our calling I need to figure out how to push his nap to after 12:00.  Because our new calling will require both of us to be there every week
Today we also went out to my grandparents to help make a "throw-away" pile because the dumpster will be there on Wednesday.  They got an offer on their house, it was too low, so they counter-offered, I hope it all works out! But even if they don't end up selling their house at least this is all getting done before they die.  But, really I hope they do sell their house and are able to move out to the condo.  Their garage is PACKED with loads of things, like tools, food storage, folding chairs, fishing supplies, coolers, skis, camping supplies, cooking supplies and of course the supply of Diet Coke, Coke, and Sprite! We found my grandpa's old baseball cleats and football shoes, along with some of his old sneakers, it was kind of fun.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I don't know if I am going to get into my house in time to plant. It makes me sad....I love to can...and I hate paying for someone else to grow my tomatoes!
I am so glad you are making progress on your yard! Isn't it nice when the men figure out that you were right all along!!! LOL

Are you going to have a yard parents had a big one when they were going to move and they made close to $1000!! It was great fun to help with too!

Love you, miss you!

Emily S said...

I thought I saw you guys out there being busy little bees. Almost inspired me to do more with my yard. Almost.

BTW, I had tears in my eyes when I was told Dr. McMillan was leaving. What will I do now, seriously?