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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jesus needs to take the wheel.... Long post, sorry...

Today has sucked..... Matthew went over to Abby's house this morning, then he started complaining that he "needed a rest" so he came home, he will do this often, at least twice a week, more when he is going to school. He gets really whiny and says his body hurts, or that he needs to go to the doctor and get a shot. I have always just chalked it up to him wearing himself out playing or being at school, and I was going to bring it up to Dr. Heidi at his 5 year check up and got so caught up in her leaving that I forgot to, because it seems to be happening more and more....  Anyways, I decided to go ask Abby's mom if anything happened.  While we were outside he started drooling, I took him inside and laid him down. Usually when he has one of these "episodes" he will fall asleep and sleep for about an hour or more, and wake up and be just fine, but today he only slept for about a half hour.  He came out and was still whiny and lethargic so I decided to take him to Instacare.
The doc at Instacare looked him over and wanted him to go to his primary care physician and get an eeg (I think that's what its called), she suspects that he has been having mini-seizures and that today I witnessed it actually happening when he started drooling and his eyes glaze over.  We have seen another pediatrician a few times in town, but Matty hasn't been there for over a year, so I called them to see if they could do it and they said no but were kind enough to send a referral to Primary Children's Hospital. We have an appointment on Monday. After listening to the doctor today, it totally makes sense and I feel horrible for not addressing it earlier.  I honestly just thought he was wearing himself out but as the doctor was asking me questions I realized I should of been more worried. But she said that because he doesn't drive or be left alone that we don't need to be too worried, this has been going on for probably a year, and he's okay.  Please pray. As much as I don't want anything to be wrong, I also want answers and a solution.
Because the other pediatrician isn't our normal pediatrician I didn't have his number programmed in my phone, I knew Debi (BFF and Abby's mom) had it, so I called her and couldn't get her so I called 411, and got the number, but I hit 1 to have a text sent to me with his number. I will never do that again.  I honestly got 25 texts from them (thank goodness I have unlimited texting), I called Verizon they tried to fix it on their end, it didn't work so they told me to call 411 again and have them block my #, I called the first person I spoke to told me he would get a supervisor, then hung up on me.  Called back talked to a lady, I asked for a supervisor she said "I am a supervisor." I told her what was going on, she said I had to talk to Verizon, I told her that Verizon told me to call 411, she said, "We only give out numbers and send messages, Verizon needs to help you with anything else." I got mad, because 411 was sending me so many texts I wasn't getting other texts, she said that Verizon would have to fix it, then hung up on me!!!  I was in tears.  The baby was crying because I put him in the play pen so I could talk to these people and Matthew had decided that he needed a bath and was naked, so I put Matthew in the tub and picked up the baby.  Well the baby LOVES the bath so he was freaking out so I put him in the tub with Matthew. FULLY CLOTHED.  He stopped crying.  The poor Verizon lady was on the other phone the whole time this was happening.  She tried to help me and nothing was working. I got 10 more texts from 411. Finally she told me to go back to factory settings, and it worked. Luckily there is backup assistance so I still have my contacts and my pictures....
Sigh, everything will be fine. This too shall pass, right?


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

My dear Tiffy,
I am so sorry that you are going through this.

After watching several of my family member deal with seizures I have picked up on a few things.

They could be caused by something as simple as to much sun, or something he is eating or not eating. I would highly suggest keeping a log of his daily activities and what he is eating. If the doctors have not already told you to do so!

From what I have read, many times children grow out of their seizures.

Please keep us posted. I love you and I will keep you in my prayers.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, man! You have been going through hell. I'm so sorry. I really hope everything only gets better from here.

Sovic Clan said...

Totally praying for you and Matty. Sounds like Jenny has some good advice about what to do before your appt. I hope all goes well.
Love you!

The Peterson Family said...

Oh my heavens!! I am speachless! I feel as though I was reading one of my on posts. I totally know how you feel. Hang in there girl!