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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 19-21 OOPS

I've been in a funk, I haven't wanted to do anything, sorry for missing 2 days.  So I'm thankful for my naturally curly hair, I spent the first oh 20 years of my life hating it, but now that I'm a mom, and don't have time to do anything for myself, I'm thankful that if I actually try a little and get ready,  my hair will look fairly fantastic.  I now feel its the most attractive thing about me.

I'm thankful that we have a car, again I know I've complained that we need a bigger/nicer car but our car is great for now, with its leather seats and dvd player in the back, its just what we need.
Today we had Thanksgiving with my side of the family at my aunt Kim's house, I adore Kim I feel like she is more like my sister rather than my aunt.  William calls her "Auntie Princess".  I'm thankful that I am so close to Kim and I know that she would do anything she could for me and my kids, I know she truly loves me and my family.

I actually have some FABULOUS aunts; I lived with my aunt Shelly for a summer, I was 20, immature and probably not very helpful, but I had a FUN summer and met some fun friends, I helped take care of her 2 girls and I loved doing their hair, starting their scrap books, playing dress-up, pretty princess, watching movies with them and jumping on the trampoline.  Shelly and I got close during that time as well. It was great. 

Jen, who is only 7 years older than me also feels more like a sister than an aunt, probably because she was only 9 when I came to live with my grandparents, so we grew up together, I remember wanting to be just like her, I learned how to make my bangs look like a popcorn puff and to give myself wings on the side of my hair from her.  She used to make me call whatever boy she liked at the moment and ask for him if his mom answered, I remember her ALWAYS being on the phone, and we both did clogging, and I thought she was the best clogger I've ever seen.  I think I drove her and her friends nuts because I would always follow them around and want to be in on all their sleep overs and roller skating parties. 

Then there is my aunt Suzette, she came to help me with the house and kids after Andrew was born.  When I went to meet my new family with my dad she went out of her way to make me feel welcome and comfortable, she always sent me the best presents for my birthday and Christmas and I also know that she would do anything for me and my family.  I am so thankful for her, she has helped us out a lot and loves to have us come visit, that is the only reason I miss working for an airline, that I don't get to fly to California whenever I want to visit my "Auntie Suzette", they have tried to step in and help alleviate some of the pain of not having dad here.  And I will be eternally thankful for all they have done for me and Hailey.  I am SO thankful for all my aunts!!!
me and Kim
Me and Suzette
I don't have pictures with Shelly and Jen, next time I see them, I will make sure I get one!!

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