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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 - My husband's job

Today is payday, and so I'm SO thankful for my husband that he goes to work and works hard, heck  that he even has a job.  He has been doing his CRAZY  schedule for 3 years now and he just got a promotion, still has to work the same schedule just in a different rotation.  After 3 years I still never know when he is off or when he is working graveyards or days, I'm thankful that once a month we get him for a full 7 days.  I'm such a lucky gal that he is mine and that I get to be home at this time in our life. 


Kristina P. said...

I need to be more thankful for my job right now.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

It is a great thing to have a job and steady income! Even if it is not the biggest income, it IS income!!!

Love you girly!