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Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 6, 2010

My doctor and I discussed the option of doing an amnio at 36 weeks and if his lungs were developed, delivering the baby, so I was exactly 36 weeks along on July 6th, I went down to have a non-stress test and the amnio at around 8 am, the non-stress test came out fine, and then the amnio, oh my I was SO scared, I had heard that the procedure was really painful and I was just afraid that it would say that the baby was not ready to come.  I would have stayed another week in the hospital, but I was at my wits end, missing my boys, husband, bed, smells, everything about home.  Andy turned my head and made me look at him while the amnio was done, it really wasn't bad at all, so that was a relief.  They said that they tested the amnio's in batches so it would probably be a few hours and I was told that I couldn't eat or drink anything in case the baby was going to be born so I was starving and feeling sick to my stomach (I'm sure most of it was due to nerves, and not having any of my meds).  When we got back to my room I was not feeling good at all and we were waiting for what felt like forever and there was a point that I thought that we weren't going to have the baby, then finally at 12:30 the nurse came in and said that they would be taking me down to labor and delivery at 1:00, I was SO happy and SO relieved.
It took about an hour to get me prepped for the C-Section, then they wheeled me to the operating room, and when the spinal block kicked in they went to work, it seems like it went a lot faster than when I had Matthew, they got him out and he started crying, and so did I.  Then he stopped and Andy stood up and said that he looked a little blue, then they got him to cry again and told Andy that he could come over and help.  Andy brought him over to me to see, and my first thought was look at all that dark hair and dark eyes,  then he took him back to the nurses, I was trying to listen to what was going on but they were putting me back together.  The next thing I know they put me on another bed and were wheeling me to the recovery room, I heard them say to Andy, "you can just follow us." He asked if they needed to take the baby and they told him not unless he wanted them to.  So they wheeled me down the hall and Andy was right behind me and when we got to the room I saw Andy in the door way showing the baby to William.  The nurse asked me if I was ready to nurse him yet and I couldn't quite feel all of my arms yet but I just wanted to hold him so Andy helped me and he had no problem nursing!  There is always a NICU nurse at every C-Section and she said that he was doing really well and was impressed by it considering he was only 36 weeks.  He did have some blood sugar issues but got over them quickly which was a relief, and he would shake a lot and we were told that it was due to his nervous system not being quite developed yet, I thought that it would never stop and it really bothered me when it would happen but lo and behold it has stopped, I'm so thankful that everything turned out so good and that he is so perfect! 
He is such a good baby and so sweet, he has the longest fingers and toes and his hands are always twitching up to his face, its the cutest thing ever.  He will do little smiles and when he does his dimple on his left cheek appears, I think he is a spitting image of his dad.  William has loved him and wanted to hold him as soon as he could, Matthew took a few days but finally loves to kiss "An-dew" on the head and will occasionally ask if he can hold him.  I am truly blessed.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

so glad that he is here, and perfect. can't wait for more pictures! =)

Sovic Clan said...

He is just adorable! I am so glad you have your 3 little men:)

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Had to read your post before I turned the computer off! I've been dying for an update! :)

I'm so glad things went so well and that your little guy is so strong and healthy! Praise God! And Congratulations once again! :)