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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wish me luck, and a few other "thoughts"

I switched sides of the bed with Andy, in hopes that it will help my aching shoulders.  I am also no longer giving myself another shot of insulin at night before bed, in hopes that my horrible lows with STOP, in the past week I've woken up twice with low blood sugar and stayed awake for hours, NOT fun...

I faxed my permission to my biological dad's step-dad so that they could get his body cremated, and basically take care of things, they got his body cremated and the county paid for it (huge sigh of relief for everyone involved), however they (my dad's dad and sister) said that they wanted to have a memorial service for him in Idaho and that they were going to put an obit in the paper and make those arrangements, hasn't happened yet..... Also one of his brothers and his best friend wanted to do something here locally and they were also going to get an obit in the paper and make arrangements for some kind of service, that hasn't happened yet either.....  Now, that being said, I again have VERY mixed feelings about going to the services, only because A LOT of people don't know and don't care to understand what happened when I was 3-12 years old...... And I'm afraid of the possible confrontations and accusations.....  Although in the course of the week having talked to his brother and sister and sister-in-law they have all been very kind and concerned for me.....  I just don't know.  Of course I will go to the one locally if it happens, the one in Idaho?  The only reason I wouldn't is that I know we couldn't go and spend the night and then come home the next day, we would have to go up and back the same day, I'm just not sure if I can do that right now.......  Also, I would want Andy to be there and he is getting slack from work because they are very specific that you have a week from the death to take 3 days off paid berevement, so I dunno how that would work out.  Luckily my work is more relaxed about it, I just need to provide an obituary and I get 5 days paid off.  It would be lovely if both services happened within days of each other....  We'll see.... 

My youngest has pooped in the potty all of 2 times, and I think it just took him by surprise and he didn't mean to do it.... He will get it, I just hope its sooner rather than later.

My sweet grandmother bought the baby a car seat, and some size 1-3 diapers,  YAY! My sweet aunt is going to make his crib quilt, and some burp cloths,  YAY! 

The baby is getting big and so I can feel pretty much every move he makes, its amazing and I LOVE it!!

I signed the boys up for swimming lessons, guess when they are?? 5 days after the baby is born, it was the only time they had that I could get both classes at the same time, that is what I get for not going and signing them up when they first opened!

I pulled weeds for an hour today, can you tell?? NO, I hate my yard.

I've got tons of moles that I know I need to have looked at, but its one more thing and one more doctor that I don't want to make time for, but its a risk that I shouldn't be taking....

I really don't like the new band guy on Jay Leno, Ricky, I miss Kevin...


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I'm sorry. I had to laugh at the "I've got tons of moles that I know I need to have looked at, but its one more thing and one more doctor that I don't want to make time for, but its a risk that I shouldn't be taking....", but it was because I totally misunderstood it.

It followed the comment about you pulling weeds and not being able to tell. So I was thinking moles in a yard. Like gophers. Only moles. It took me a minute to realize you meant skin moles. Don't worry. I'm rolling my eyes at myself for you! :)

I would think your OB would be able to do a quick once over of all your moles. If not, your general practitioner should be able to look at them. If they see anything suspicious, they could refer you to a specialist.

You're getting pretty close to your due date at this point, aren't you? I loved when I could feel the baby move. Guys really have no idea what they're missing out on.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I am so sorry that I have not had a second to call you.
I suck.
Anyway, just know that I am thinking and praying for you to know what to do and peace.
I love you girlie!
I will be out soon to see you!!!!!

Sovic Clan said...


I am so sorry all the decisions you have had to make. If ages you, don't you think? I think we are too young to make grown-up decisions:)

Poop in the potty is better than poop on the floor:)

Weeds- if you pull out mine, I will pull out yours:)

Love ya girl!!!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

sounds like you are starting to get ready. yeah!

I need to pull weeds, maybe when it stops raining. =)