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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Puke, Poop, Pasta, and Presents

That was my Mother's Day, in that order, I puked (twice), my youngest pooped - A LOT, Andy made pasta, and they spoiled me with presents!!

I woke up this morning and did NOT feel good, I got up and moving and I threw up, what a shock I know, then my sweet husband made scrambled eggs for me, I went into the kitchen and the smell hit my nose, and I threw up again.....

I had to work for two hours and while I'm working I hear my youngest go in and go potty, then I hear Andy asking him where his underwear was and getting frustrated, so I got off for a second to find Andy cleaning the toilet, our youngest had pooped his pants, went in and went potty then took his underwear and put it back into his jammie/underwear drawer and it got everywhere so Andy put a pull-up on him and then a few minutes later he pooped again and laid down to let Andy change him and poop went up his back and on to the carpet, a lot of it apparently, it made me love my husband even more, he knew that if I had to clean it up he would then have to clean up puke too.

My AMAZING husband had this really crappy day of cleaning up crap, and then he made dinner, and it smelled good while he was making it, but when we sat down to eat, I got sick again, and I couldn't eat anything, I feel horrible about it.

My oldest was VERY excited to give me the present that they made at school so first thing he came in and gave me his hand made flowers, SO CUTE! My husband came in to see how I was feeling and my oldest said "there's a surprise out on the porch!" He pulled me into the kitchen and opened the drapes and said, "see we got you some flowers to plant", and then my husband gave me two gift cards so that I can go get more plants for the garden and then one to get stuff for the baby! It was all so SWEET and thoughtful. My husband is one amazing man and I know that ALL my boys love me dearly, I feel so blessed to call myself their mother and wife.

It may not have been the best Mother's Day ever, but it didn't leave me wanting for anything.


Sovic Clan said...

Sorry about all the "p" things:)
I am glad you got your flowers though!!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Pregnancy is hard, but it's worth it...or I guess we wouldn't keep putting ourselves through it. =)

Happy Mother's Day!

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day in spite of everything. :)