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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Work, Sundays, and Girl's Night Out

So I requested an extension on my Leave Of Absence and they requested documentation to support it. So I tried to fax it to them this morning and the fax number didn't work. I emailed my supe, she told me to scan the letter and then email it to her. I'm freaking out a little bit. I hope it gets approved.

I seem to get the worst morning sickness on Sunday mornings, I don't know why, but I do, and today was no exception. Except today I didn't feel better once it was done, so here I sit watching "You've Got Mail" and getting caught up on some laundry. While my family goes to church.

Last night I went out with my 4 sisters-in-law, it was a lot of fun, but I almost started crying while we were shopping because 2 of them were looking for clothes for their daughters, it made me sad to look at all the adorable baby girl clothes. I guess I need to be thankful to have nieces that I can make skirts and dresses for. UGH, I need to STOP, there were lots of cute baby boy clothes, but how do I justify buying baby boy clothes when I already have so much?!? He will get his own take home outfit. I will start pulling out all my baby stuff in a month or two and see what I have and what we will need for our little guy.


Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I know, I always want to buy clothes for my Dylie. Even though I have plenty to hand down.

You do such a cute job dressing your boys, I am always amazed at how adorable they look!!

Anonymous said...

doesnt it always seem that we want what we cant have. Plus its hard to not be excited and to want to buy new stuff for the baby..even when you have tons of hand me downs. You will do fine..and yes I agree, your boys always look adorable

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Praying for your LOA to be approved.

And I keep meaning to mention that I love your new counter! Baby fingers are just beautiful, aren't they?

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Sundays are the worst for me too! Pretty much I just want to be lazy after a full week of going from one thing to the is hard to pull myself together after having a good throwing up session.