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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My sweet sweet grandmother..... And a Matty update!

My sweet grandma is going to come out on Saturday and get Matthew potty trained, she even drove across the valley to find the underwear that have the padding in them for him. Uh, there's just one tiny problem, I have to leave at noon and that will leave my grandma and Andy alone. Andy loves my grandma but doesn't do too well with her if I'm not there to act as a buffer between them. I hope its not going to be as bad as I think its going to be. I may wait to leave until 2:30 so that we have a few hours to work with him. I'm hoping and praying that he is ready. He is almost 4 for crying out loud! He will sit on the potty for daddy and for "grandpa"- actually my grandma, but will NOT sit on the potty for me... Which is why she's coming out here to help me with him.
I am amazed at the progress he has made the last couple of weeks with his speech. For instance William is finally "Illiam", before he would call him "Uh". He still signs water when he wants it but is also trying to say it. His favorite food is pizza and he says it really well. He can say black, purple - poople, yellow- ellow, blue, green, red, brown, pink and grey. He used to be really afraid of the garbage truck and so I would say, "Thank-you garbage man!" and pretty soon he started saying "Thank-you" every time he saw a garbage truck well yesterday we saw one and he said "Thank-you arabig man!" At school he is now getting "homework" it will have words that he has to say 3 times and then he gets to color it. Our neighbor that is in the same program has been getting homework from the beginning, but she isn't as delayed as Matthew, her problem has something to do with how she says her words, not that she can't say them just that she says them wrong, anyways I guess they felt like he had progressed enough to send home homework, I've never been so happy to get homework!! He still doesn't like to go to church and now that he is in primary he thinks that as soon as he gets done with class and comes into the big room with all the other kids and he sees mommy that he gets to sit with mommy, well he can't, so dad has had to come in and sit with him, otherwise he is pretty horrible. He also has become accustomed to falling asleep in "mama's bed", my fault, totally, I've just been too tired to stay up and wait for him to fall asleep. I need to fix that before the baby comes, or we will have more trouble than we need....
One more thing, the genetic counselor didn't call me today. Uh, oh well, I guess?


Anonymous said...

my mom helped me potty train Reyna, she was the same way, would only go for my mom and grandma. Josh was a little easier....good luck to you all!

The Boob Nazi said...

What's his diagnosis? What's the neighbor's diagnosis?

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Good Luck with the potty training!

Kaitlynd got in the habit of sleeping in my bed at one point.
Instead of moving her to her own room, I put a mat on the floor next to my bed. That did the trick for her and she eventually moved to her own room.
Good luck!

Alice said...

Tiffani, Nolan was like this too, we just moved him to the floor and eventually back to his bed. Trust me, sometimes it doesn't matter where they sleep, just that they SLEEP! He'll grow out of it. And don't worry about the potty training thing, it'll happen. Love you guys! Hope you are well.

P.S. We're coming to Utah! Spring break is Mar 12-22 so we're going to drive through the night and be out there that whole week. Let's hook up some time for sure.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

BN- Matthew hasn't been diagnosed with anything they've just said that he is behind, and that he should eventually catch up. He was 4 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU, and came home on oxygen. I feel like we need to do more testing, but I'm not sure how to approach it. Our neighbor just has a speech impediment but it was bad enough for her to qualify for the early intervention pre-school.