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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Failed failed and failed!!!

I will TRY to keep the "poor me" attitude to a minimum. Today I woke up very full of hope and optimism, I had planned on getting laundry put away and the house straightened before my grandma arrived. Instead I fell back asleep. My grandma got here, she had wrapped up the new underwear and Matthew was happy to open them, he put them on and for some reason she decided to take the boys to the park? So they went off to the park and I finished getting ready for the day while they were gone. They came back and Matthew was wet, so we changed him again, and I knew that I had to be the one to do most of the work so I did, he went potty like 3 times for me, YAY. But he had peed in like 6 pairs of underwear and he would never tell us when he needed to go so I just kept trying, and I lost patience, but got him to go one more time. But then I had to leave to go to Von's shower and lo and behold when I got home he was back in a pull-up, which in my mind is no different than a diaper, and was asleep on the floor. Andy had gotten him to go a few times, but he just kept peeing his pants and he said that a few times that he went that pee went everywhere, even though he was sitting down and pointing it down. Matthew was born with a condition called hypo spadia ( I think that's it), which is where the foreskin on the penis doesn't completely grow or develop and his pee hole was in the wrong place, so he had surgery when he was like 18 months and were told that it was fixed, but maybe (and boy am I hoping that we're right) his pee hole isn't in the right place and that maybe he has less sensitivity in his penis due to this?!? I do remember them saying it can cause infertility but its been a LONG time so I can't remember everything else that relates to it. Andy also said that it seemed to make him more and more emotional every time he had him go which wore him out and he slept for 3 hours today. So potty training - FAILED!

I have known Evonne for nearly 8 years, Andy worked with her at RC Willey shortly after we got married and worked in the same office as her. She was super nice to Andy and would always chat with me whenever I came in. She even came to the hospital when William was born! I also got to watch her sweet little Van for them once. Well Andy left RCW in 2005, and we lost contact with her. Then I started my blog and guess who I found?!? VON!! YAY!! So today I went to her baby shower, and there were tons of blogging people there. What did I do? Only talked to Evonne, got a drink and sat on the couch, my inner self-conscious shy demon reared its ugly head! I recognized a lot of them due to the fact that I stalk their blogs, but did I say anything?? NO, what is wrong with me?? Seriously, so FAILED again!!

Okay so my last failed isn't really that big of deal, but 3 failed(s) sounds better than 2. So we have Netflix which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, we also have a blu-ray which we LOVE LOVE LOVE and there is a way to hook up your internet to your blu-ray and stream movies straight from the internet to your TV through Netflix. We ventured to Home Depot to get the right cable to be able to hook up our internet connection to our blu-ray. Well IT DIDN'T WORK! Failed again......


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I wouldn't consider the potty training a fail. It is a process, and he'll get it when he's ready, and it could very well take awhile. Don't stress over it.

Not being comfortable around people you don't know ...again..not a fail. Just who you and several million other people are. :)

Don't be so hard on yourself. Nobody's perfect. {{{hugs}}

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I also would not call your potty training efforts failed. Most kids take more than a day...most kids take more than a week! My boys took a good month before we went without an accident. It takes time and patience. Keep with it, he will get it and the rewards will be sweet.

I hate feeling shy, it is hard to overcome. BUT, I know the real you and YOU are not shy!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

like the girls cant expect to potty train in one day or you're setting yourself up for failure. my kids took weeks.....and many attempts, because I was the one who always gave up. So my mom was the one who got me into gear so that we could get the kids trained. Im still shy around a lot of people...even the ones I know well. Its frustrating when you can chat/blog like no ones business but in person..i freeze up. Nobody's perfect, and if they were perfect, wouldnt they be love ya!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Oh girl...I knew everyone and I still get shy. I say stupid stuff at all the wrong times. I'm so glad that you came! I love the gift, and since you didn't see me open it...I think it is fab!! Totally useful, and something that I needed.

We need to hang out again, and maybe add some blogger friends that you read...and then you can talk to them. Oh, and you have to know that you weren't the only nervous one to approach people there. My other friend was freakin' out that she was actually going to meet a few of the bloggers. LOL.

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry it was hard! I hat bad days.