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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I missed two days... OOPS!

I'm so thankful for religion, today my heart is full, we had our primary program where just the children sing and talk. Being apart of the primary presidency it was a little stressful worrying that everyone would get where they were supposed to be and that there wouldn't be any major meltdowns while they were sitting in front of the entire congregation! But it went off without a hitch!! William gave a talk and it was supposed to be 2 minutes or less but it was probably 5 minutes, yeah we forgot to time it. We were just worried about him being able to read it. He did a great job, I'm SO proud of him. I'm thankful to belong to a church that gives children the opportunity to share their feelings and to feel comfortable enough to stand in front of a congregation and do it. I'm thankful for beautiful music that bears testimony of Jesus and the importance of families. Having just come from being a primary teacher I'm SO thankful to the primary teachers that we have in our ward. They are all wonderful and I know my children will learn from each of them, no matter who they get as a teacher. Last but not least I'm thankful for the knowledge that my family is eternal that it will not end on this earth that we will be together forever. I promise to do better about blogging everyday til Thanksgiving about what I'm thankful for....
Oh I'm also thankful for in-laws that are letting us borrow their car while ours is getting fixed.....

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