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Monday, July 20, 2009

2 posts in one day, man I REALLY don't want to clean today, LOL!

I stole this from my friend Evonne, and wanted to do it, you can too if you want to!

I am: content and lucky to have the most amazing husband and beautiful children!
I have: a lot to learn
I know: that we are very blessed
I think: that I can be very determined
I don't think: I'm a very good example...
I want: a lot of things, I'm trying to just be content with what I have
I like: being online and surfing the web way too much!
I dislike: zits
I hate: fake
I dream: that we will get financially secure and that we will have a daughter...
I fear: that i will never change and be stuck
I am annoyed: by laundry and dishes!
I crave: chocolate and coke
I usually: procrastinate
I search: the scriptures
I hide: my true feelings sometimes.
I wonder: when my body will finally let go of these 20 pounds and if we will be able to get pregnant with #3...
I know: that marriage and parenting are hard, but that I will never give up on either!
I just can't help: wanting to be with my girlfriends and family
I regret: not living in the moment and high school....
I love: my family
I can't live without: my family
I try to: to have patience and do my best everyday!
I enjoy: reading and running SO MUCH, and they are cheaper than therapy!
I don't care: i wish I didn't care what people thought
I always: worry about everything and everyone
I never want to: find out how it feels to lose a child...
I rely on: ANDREW
I believe: that addiction is complicated
I dance: every day in my kitchen and pretend that I'm still a dancer...LOL
I sing: when I'm running sometimes or to my boys..
I argue: with myself too much!
I write: on my blog!
I win: usually nothing....
I lose: my mind too often
I wish: I could see 5 yrs down the road to see who and where we will be
I listen: to boys laughing and crying all day
I don't understand: people sometimes
I forgot: to call and make a dr's appt...
I am happy: with where I am in my life.


Emily S said...

We need to have a pow-pow to figure out how to live in the moment, also a problem of mine . . . dancing in the kitchen is a good start.

Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

Thanks! I think I will use this.

You are too cute!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I loved doing this too! I stole it from someone else's site, and think that it's cool that it is continuing on.

Jules said...

Love it. Very cool. Reading is like therapy for me too.