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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cabin Fun and New Year's!

We were planning on going to California on the 26th and coming home on the 30th or 31st, but at the last minute the flights were FULL and so was the stand-by list so we decided to for-go California, I was extremely disappointed and so was William so we decided to head the cabin for a few days.... We called Andrew's parents to make sure it was cool with them, they advised that we would need chains or snow tires and since we have neither we had to go and buy chains for our car..... Again we were going to leave on the 26th but it was snowing SO BAD so we left on Saturday morning, and didn't have any weather issues!! We got there later in the afternoon and William was SO excited when he saw ALL the snow, grandpa wasn't lying when he said that the snow was up to his knees!! They had gotten a 4-wheeler with a snow plow to go on the front and dad was having a bit of a hard time getting it to work much to mom's dismay.. So Andy tried to get some of the driveway cleared, but they didn't get too far.. Well on Sunday it was beautiful and sunny, so Russ and Andrew gave it another shot and lo and behold they were able to get the driveway clear!!! Dad also made a perfect sledding path with the snow mobile and so the night we got there we went sledding sans mom (me) and also mom and dad (dad was working the 4-wheeler and mom was too cold). I was the picture taker, so there is no proof that I went, but of course I did!! Its been our experience that every time we go to the cabin the first night just stinks, so I made the decision that we were going to at least stay two nights so we could enjoy ourselves a little! Well that turned out to be a GREAT decision, for me especially!! I forgot my glasses and so when my contacts were too much to take anymore I had to take them out and since I'm useless without my sight I went straight to bed... I did not do this on purpose, it drives me CRAZY to not be able to see but because of this poor Andrew had to deal with Matthew.... Sunday like I mentioned before was bright and sunny and church was a lot of fun, they are very casual in Fruitland and there were a lot of people there in snow boots and no ties.... None of it was inappropriate but just funny to see, when you're going somewhere to go snow mobiling and know you're going to be attending church, things like ties and shoes get left behind... It was a great trip to the cabin and I'm happy we were able to spend some time with Andrew's parents.... I think this trip was one of the first cabin trips that I really enjoyed myself (sorry if I've been to the cabin with you in the past...) just being honest!!

We didn't do anything for New Year's Eve, we were still awake, not on purpose so I turned the TV and saw the ball drop...... Tuesday night we got together with all of Andrew's siblings and spouses (except Mike) at Matt and Joy's house and played games and watched funny videos online, it was SO MUCH FUN! Nothing like a game of spaz or spoons to make you pee your pants... Not really but it was fun to get together and laugh that hard....

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Derek-Jenny-Kaitlynd-Ethan-Dylan said...

I know what you mean, it is hard to get in the grove of things and relax (second night). I am glad you mentioned that. I never thought of it before.
Sounds like a blast. Wish I could have gone!!!!!!