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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fair, Big Boy Beds and Adnoids

The Fair-
It was a lot of fun, I'm happy we went! William was dying to ride a ride so we let him pick and he chose the Tidal Wave. I wanted them to go for a pony ride, Will was all for it, before he saw the rides.... So I took Matthew on the pony and Andy rode with Will, it scared him a little, he had a death grip on the bars, and it wasn't until the end that he was laughing! Matthew Loved the pony ride and was smiling and laughing the whole time!! Unfortunately by the time we got to the rides the battery on our camera died =( and I guess I will think of it as a blessing that by the time I found the fried PB&J we were out of money.....Maybe next year....
Big Boy Bed-
Matthew hates sleeping in his big boy bed, he was such a good sleeper until we decided it was time to take apart the bunk bed and put away the crib, he has done better the last couple nights but I can't get him to bed before 10 and he still wakes up at 8...cross your fingers this will get easier!
Those of you who know William know that he is a sweet and funny kid, well not so much since he started Kindergarten, he does fine at school but as soon as he's out its like he's 3 years old again! Whiney and cryey and throws tantrums if he even thinks I'm going to say no.... So I've asked several of his friends' mom, and they say that its been a hard transition but that they are getting better, where Will on the other hand is not! I thought about it and realized a few things, he snores, not every night but pretty frequently, he wakes up EARLY every morning and his nose seems like its always stuffy but he can't get anything out of it... So Andrew took him to our pediatrician and she suggested the ENT, ENT says its all being caused by his huge adnoids and that they need to come out. He also said he is shocked that he doesn't get sick. But really William doesn't get sick (knock on wood)! Matthew has more than made up for William's lack there of though.... I'm hoping and praying that taking his adnoids out won't open the door for illnesses... but we're going to trust the ENT and have them taken out on the 26th, in hope that he will sleep better, making his mood better and that he will finally learn to blow his nose........


Sovic Clan said...

Good luck girl! I know he will do great with the surgery. It has made a huge difference ont he girl's allready~!

Anonymous said...

Um you didn't ask me about the Kindergarten transition. Quinton's been horrible without the adnoid issues!

Poor Will. At least it should help him sleep and be better all around.

Fab Five said...

It's a good thing you've had some practice with the whole child in the hospital senario. Sweet William will be in our prayers.

Miss you guys!