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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tell All (TTA)

This week is supposed to be about sight, of course the obvious thing is that I'm so thankful to see my beautiful children and the amazing things that they do, but I decided to blog on just seeing new life..... so here goes we have a bird's nest right by our front door and the mamma laid eggs and finally the babies hatched and the parents have been very protective of their nest they will cheep at us every time we come out the door. Can I blame them? No, not at all. They will however swoop down right over our heads to try and defer us from coming outside which is slightly annoying!! We can see the nest and the little babies poking their little heads out from our couch, and when the mamma comes with food they all open their mouths expectantly, its so sweet and I could honestly just sit and watch them all day. So with plants blooming and sounds of summer, kids out riding bikes and having water fights, I'm very thankful that I can see all these wonderful things!
Top left is Matthew while still in the NICU, its one of my favs from when he was there, it makes him look like a little fatty, but that is a tiny binky in his mouth and he only weighed 5lbs 9oz. Next to Matty is the nest and then the bottom one is William and I after he was born.


Cathy Clark said...

LOVE IT, this is such a good post, and words cannot express the first time you lay your eyes on that new life, it is wonderful.

Get Hooked said...

I love that you have baby birds. That has to be so much fun to watch. My girls would love that!

Cute baby pics. You always forget how small they are. They grow way too fast

Anonymous said...

so I saw your pics along the right...what is fairytale land?

Sell Family said...

Okay, I found you off of a link of a link!! How have you guys been? Whenever I go into Home Depot I think of Andrew! Does he still work there? I see you have two beautiful still live in SP?
Keep in touch!

Sell Family said...

My friend Emily's sister Susan Wilson (my new blogging friend) has you as one of her links. I guess Emily was telling me that you are in Susan's ward!?

I'm still at RC Willey...I'm a lifer. It's a job that I do pretty much cake work, and am way over paid! =) Why would I quit, right? Paul still is doing his own business, and loving it. No more children in our future right now. Savannah is a lot of work, but I enjoy her every minute.

Reader is this great thing that you can subscribe to all of your frequent sites you visit and it updates you on everyone that has updated their blog. AWESOME! Try it for sure! When I was just starting out I didn't know how to save all of my widgets, pictures, and link lists...but with the cute blog sites I've found ("my shout out links") they don't do that if you follow the step by step instructions. =) Try it, and pimp your page out!

I'm so glad that I found you on here. It will be nice to keep up to date with you!!